Weekly Roundup

On Tuesday of this week I thought it was Thursday so that pretty much sums up how my week went! Monday started slowly with a cozy day working from home as the rain poured outside and then Tuesday I hit the ground running with lots of meetings and to dos across the city through until today. I have fun plans with friends most of this weekend which will be so nice given we’ve not all been in the city at one time most of this summer!
I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup – it is chock full! Have a wonderful weekend!


  • Updated this popular post about French spots in New York City with some recent favorites.
  • Did so much backend stuff for the site. As mentioned last week, my daily post emails stopped sending and it took a week of troubleshooting to get them back in action. Additionally some readers were getting error messages when trying to access the site, I was having load time issues…I could go on and on here. This is all the un-fun part of blogging that can get really overwhelming and it when it rains it POURS it always seems.
  • Swung by the preview for The Last Line’s latest collection. I love their line.

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