Cherished Time

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When I was in college I lived in a house of nine girls for my junior and senior year. It was the best. Nearly all of us remain extremely close to this day and ten years later I still feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life.
One night we were sitting around and decided to assign words that would describe each of our personalities best. (Later they would be put onto colorful little canvases that would adorn our dining room area.) Some of the words included "Shine," "Believe," and "Celebrate." My friends picked the word "Cherish" for me and I still think it is pretty spot on.
One of the biggest things I struggle with in regards to being a blogger is always being "on." We’re expected to share everything we’re doing (and usually I love doing so!) but some days and weeks I just can’t. Those of you that follow me on social know I don’t really tend to narrate my every waking moment or share constantly all day, every day. I just don’t have it in me. And yet when I look at other bloggers growing, this is what they are doing. I think about this and wrestle with the idea a lot.
But something I think I’ve realized is that more often than not I cherish having some privacy and I cherish the limited time I get with my family and friends. I never want my loved ones around me to feel like my social media presence is more important than the time we get together. And, maybe this comes with growing older, I truly cherish every minute I get to be with my girlfriends and family members because the time we have together is limited and it is precious. I live far away from nearly all of them so when we’re together I want to be focused on the present moment.
While in California for a few days this past week I had to do some work but the entire trip I realized I wasn’t sharing every little minute and while I beat myself up about this on some days, I’m trying to realize that doing my best is also ok.
Do you any of you relate to this struggle?
p.s. thoughts on the overuse of "sorry" and how I battle negative self talk.

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