Boosting your basics.

boosting your basics
basics with a pop
simple white tee, denim jacket
closet staples with a pop of leopard and poppy
I’m a big believer in basics.  They are the cake of your wardrobe.  The substance.  Classic pieces you can pull from to mix and remix over and over again.   But dressing in basics can also get a little, well basic.  This is why I love adding accessory pieces that really pop to my wardrobe.  (The frosting, if you will.)  They’re (usually) a smaller investment than a super trendy piece of clothing, and they can really boost your basics.  A funky pair of shoes, a skinny belt or a bold bag can do wonders for your wardrobe game.  The same basic outfit formula can be used again and again without feeling redundant as long as you switch-up your accessories.  These great leopard pumps are a new addition to my closet and are a great way to make a subtle statement.  (Plus they’re super comfortable)  I sized down half a size and they fit like a glove.
Happy Monday everyone!
leopard and poppy
closet staples

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