Baby Pink Nails & Fall Colors

When transitioning from summer to autumn the easiest way to transition your wardrobe is by incorporating the fall tones. You have probably noticed that for the past couple weeks my wardrobe has been transitioning from bight and colorful to a more subtle color palette. Oranges, reds, olive greens, and burgundies have been on my fall check list as of lately. Whenever fall trends steer towards a non traditional color palette I get so upset since these are my favorite colors of the year. I bought this dress from Target last month, and knew it would be the perfect dress to transition me from the warm summer heat to sweater weather. I don't normally steer toward this shade of orange, but I knew I needed it when I saw it.
Target.... they get me every time. Whenever I walk into Target I tell myself that I am going to by only ONE thing, and next thing I know my cart is full. Those sneaky Target marketing people.... they know how to lure the women in.

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