Todd officially completed his first week of his Oral Surgery program, and I can already tell that this is going to be a rough year for both of us. I didn't realize that he is going to be running on absolutely no sleep for a whole year! A WHOLE YEAR!!! If I were in his shoes I would have gotten sick by day three because this girl needs her sleep EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I feel so grateful for his dedication to his program, and that he is willing to undergo a year of hell to accomplish what he needs to do to become an oral surgeon. If there was one thing that attracted me to Todd when we first started dating it was his drive because I needed someone in my life that was as equally driven as me.
Our days start by dropping him off at the hospital around 5-5:30 am everyday, and then me driving back home to work. Lately I've been picking up some early morning classes at the three
Dallas PB studios, and will usually drive straight to the studio once I leave the hospital. On the nights when Todd isn't on call (36 hour shift) I'll go pick him up at work around 6:30 pm, and let him sleep while I make dinner. During the day while my sweetie is off stitching people up I've been trying to unpack our house more, and do things around the house that will make life easier for him. This year is going to be all about adapting to our new situation, and learning how to enjoy the Dallas adventure when our time together is limited.

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