A blush suede OTS dress

blush suede off the shoulder dress blush suede off the shoulder dress blush suede off the shoulder dress blush suede off the shoulder dress

Suede is known as a staple for fall season. But for me, suede is great in any transition weather, whether it fall or spring. Those warmer days with chilly evenings, a blush suede off the shoulder dress with a moto jacket pair well together and are a great combo. And this dress I’m wearing here is actually $19, can you believe it? It’s a bit stretchy, comfortable on my baby bump and the length is below the knee, great when paired with strappy heel sandals.The day I decided to wear this gorgeous blush suede dress, there was a thunderstorm warning (those spring showers). And I learned previously that suede and water don’t go well together. Lucky for me, I had brought a jacket and I only had to be in the rain for a short 2 minutes, not long enough for the rain to soak through my jacket and onto the dress. The lesson here is don’t wear this suede dress, or anything suede if the forecast calls for rain. As far as washing the dress, I’m doing laundry later this week and will try using a gentle cycle with lukewarm water and hope that doesn’t damage the dress. I feel like it’s too inexpensive to get it dry cleaned. So if you have any at home method suggestion for caring for suede clothing, I’d love to hear.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I’m currently in Seattle interviewing for a job (wish me luck). So obviously I had to schedule this post ahead of time. In fact I have to schedule most of my posts this week and next way ahead because I’m traveling heavily for job interviews currently. It’s a busy and hectic time right now. Enjoy the rest of your short week and I’ll see you in a couple days!

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