White on white.

white on white with leopardclare v leopard clutch nude wedges with white on white white and white with nude heels and leopard white blouse leopard clutch white on white for date night
I’ve been wanting to pair white with white for awhile, but you know, Seattle, rain and all white do not a clean outfit make… So when the sun came out and sent us the most gorgeously warm weekend I decided a little white on white for date night was just what the doctor ordered.
I bought these white denim jeans earlier this year and they got kind of forgotten in my closet after a load of laundry was haphazardly put away, (the shame) until I found them hiding behind  rogue pair of boyfriend jeans while I was packing for Utah a couple weeks ago.  What a tragedy that these sat unworn for a month, because they are literally the most comfortable jeans ever…   Like, ridiculously comfy and soft and also thick enough not to show… well everything.   Also, and unrelated it should be noted that I have an actual crush on this popover top.  I’ve bought it in two colors already and if they make it in a third, well you get the picture.
This was such an easy date night outfit and my husband gave me my favorite compliment,  he said wearing all white like that made me look taller.  Woot, literally woot.  I’m always trying to look a little taller… Anyway, I love how throwing on a pair of wedges and grabbing fun clutch can just make a simple outfit, finish it off and even dress it up for a night out.  I like lots of patterns and print, but something simple like white on white can be striking, surprising and fun.
Happy Monday everyone!
white on white with pop of leopard

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