June bride: what to wear to a summer wedding.

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I was not, in fact a June Bride (August actually) but every year around this time I get emails asking about what to wear to a summer wedding. Usually I just try to put together some ideas and email them back, but this year I thought it would be fun to do whole post devoted to ideas for summer wedding looks.  So fun right?  Who doesn’t love going to weddings.  They are my favorite thing.  Especially in the summer.
When putting together a summer wedding look there are really three things to focus on.  Dress, shoes, and bag.  You can always add in a jacket or wrap, but since it’s the warmer months, you really don’t need much more than those three.
When it comes to choosing a dress, the first step is determining exactly how formal the event is.  Is it an outside garden party, on the beach, is it more casual or a really dressy affair?  When I’m dressing for a summer event, I try to stick to lighter colors, spring and summer inspired prints like florals, polka dots, and stripes, and choose fabrics and lengths that aren’t going to make me feel like I’m suffocating.  Fit and flare dresses are always a good idea, they are universally flattering.  I also love shift dresses because they can feel more or less formal depending on how you accessorize with your shoes, bag and jewelry.  This dress is great and it’s under $50.  If you are expecting and/or petite finding a wedding guest dress can be such a headache, but ASOS is a great resource.  They have tons of great options in both maternity and petite.
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