Baby doll.

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I’ve been in Utah for almost a week with Ava cuddling my new niece and spending lots and lots of time with my sisters and mom.  We’ve been eating yummy food, working out together (not my sister that just had her baby) hanging out in our pjs, watching lots of Fixer Upper, and talking until all hours of the night.  Ava’s been playing with her cousins non-stop and loving every single minute of it.  It’s been heaven for both of us.  Yesterday was the dreamiest late spring day, warm but not too hot and gloriously sunny.  Then last night there was a huge thunderstorm, and it poured and poured outside the windows.  And now this morning its sunny and the birds are chirping.  I couldn’t dream up more perfect weather for memorial day.
Speaking of perfect.
There are no words for a dress this dreamy, except to say that it is unbelievably comfortable and made me feel like I stepped right out of 1935.  And any dress that makes me feel like that gets two thumbs up from me.
Do you like your clothes to make you feel a certain way?  I’ve always had emotional attachments to my clothes.  A blouse that makes me feel sassy, or a pair of shoes that make me feel like I can conquer the world… This dress makes me feel peaceful.  Like I’m floating in a dream.  A perfect springy 1935 dream.
Happy Memorial day everyone.
lace dress with neutral accents

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