10 Things I Love Sunday

Hellooo friends! Happy Sunday! I hope you have had a great week. Here are 10 things that are inspiring me right now.
1. Coloring Without Borders coloring book. One hundred percent of proceeds go to Families Belong Together.
2. Ten black history books for kiddos.
3. I just ordered this camera (for vlogging) and I’m so excited to take it on our upcoming trips! We’re working on a big project—it’s not really vlogging, but it’s video related and we can’t wait to share it!
4. Ordering one of these for each of our little gals (and YES, we just settled on a name for little sis … I’ll share soon!).
5. Ever since I read this post, I’ve been thinking of what our "forever home" would be like. I cannot get my brain around it yet, but it’s been fun to dream about for sure!
6. I’ve never been so inspired by a room reveal. Read the whole post. Amazing!
7. These dolls are so pretty.
8. Cutest tiny swimsuit.
9. I’m so so excited about this project. Emma is making over a couple rooms in our brother’s home! I cannot wait to see the finished rooms!
10. Have you pre-ordered your The Home Edit book yet? We have!!!! So proud of Clea and Joanna!
xx. Elsie

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